Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Attorneys

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) provides the framework for how medical marijuana is produced, possessed and transferred in Oregon. Though the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act passed in 1998, HB 3460—authorizing the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries—became law in 2013. If you are hoping to open a new medical marijuana dispensary or are seeking counsel for your existing dispensary, our attorneys can help.

The basics of HB 3460 are as follows:

There are three categories of participants: Growers, Caregivers, and Patients.

HB 3460 permits a person to apply through the Oregon Health Authority to establish a dispensary or medical marijuana facility

As a grower you are permitted up to four patients including yourself. Growers can have up to six mature plants and 18 immature plants per patient. Growers can also possess up to a pound and a half of usable marijuana per patient at a time.

Caregivers can possess up to a pound and a half per patient. There is no limit on how many patients a caregiver can have. A person becomes a caregiver when a patient designates him/her as one.

Patients may designate a grower and a caregiver. Patients may possess as much as a pound and a half at one time for your personal use. Patients must have a qualifying medical disorder and a recommendation from a doctor.

Cannabis dispensary owners are required to follow the regulations supplied in HB 3460 and the accompanying administrative rules.

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