Domestic Violence

Being charged with a crime constituting domestic violence has both immediate and long lasting effects on the person charged, as well as their family and loved ones. After being charged with a crime of domestic violence, a judge will impose a no-contact order at a person’s first court appearance, requiring no contact by any means between the parties. For couples that live together, this means one person will be forced to move out of the house until the case is resolved, and sometimes longer if the person charged is convicted.

In addition to prohibiting you from seeing your family if you are convicted of a crime of domestic violence, you will also lose your right to possess firearms, even if the crime is only a misdemeanor. Furthermore, there are other potential complications that could arise, such as trouble with applications for housing or professional licensing.

Some courts may offer the option of entering into a treatment court program – typically for substance abuse or anger management issues – that could help you avoid jail. Although a treatment court program may ultimately be your best option, our experienced attorneys can help determine if they are right for you. In some cases, the program may seem like an attractive option because it will typically result in a dismissal of the charges if the program is completed successfully. However, some are designed in such a way that they are nearly impossible for some people to complete, and a person who is unable to meet the requirements of the program will have forfeited their right to a trial and will be sentenced immediately if a judge finds they have violated any of the terms of the program.

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