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Employment discrimination & harassment

Portland Employment Attorneys

When it comes to workplace discrimination and harassment, our Portland employment attorneys at Owens & McBreen, P.C. are experienced in helping employees protect and vindicate their rights. We represent individuals who have been fired or mistreated in several areas. To learn more, click on one of the following areas:

In most cases, it is illegal for an employer to fire you or treat you differently simply because of who you are, because you reported or resisted unlawful activity, or because you complained about violations of your legally protected rights. And most employers are required to provide unpaid medical leave and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. In addition to these areas, our employment attorneys help workers who are appealing unemployment benefit denials.

Most employees who have experienced employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation are financially pinched. That’s why our employment attorneys handle most discrimination, retaliation, and harassment cases on a contingency basis, meaning that you do not pay for our services until and unless we recover something on your behalf. And for most unemployment cases, we offer reasonable flat rates. Owens & McBreen, P.C. is focused on helping you protect and vindicate your employment rights. Please contact us to find out if we can help you.

Our Four-Step Approach to Helping You

We take a four-step approach to assist you in holding your employer accountable if you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, are being treated differently at work based on a protected classification, have been denied medical leave, or have been denied a reasonable accommodation for your disability.

1. We listen: We understand how traumatic workplace discrimination or retaliation can be, and how important it is to be heard. While your employer may not have listened to your concerns, we are committed to understanding your unique situation and goals, and to ensuring you obtain the treatment and compensation you are entitled.

2. We explain: Knowledge is power. That’s why we pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients fully understand the laws, processes and practical realities that apply to each situation. Once we have a good sense of your unique circumstances, we provide you with a detailed analysis of your case, and an explanation of courses of action we can take on your behalf in order to achieve the justice you deserve.

3. We develop a plan: Once you have had a chance to consider your legal options, we work closely with you to develop a more specific plan of action that will achieve your goals. We understand that making decisions regarding legal action can be difficult and that every person’s circumstances are different. So we provide advice and recommendations throughout the process to ensure we develop the best plan to meet your needs. We will cover the pros and cons of every option, including trying to reach a settlement directly with your employer, filing your claims with an administrative agency, and seeking litigation. And we will never pressure you to take any legal action you don’t want to take.

4. We execute the plan: If you decide to move forward with legal action, we will fight to hold your employer accountable using all available means. Whether we work directly with your employer to reach a settlement on your behalf, file a complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries or file a lawsuit, we strive to provide excellent legal services and will zealously advocate for your rights every step of the way.

Criminal Defense

Portland Criminal Defense Attorneys

Richard McBreen is skilled in defending clients in criminal cases, from speeding tickets and misdemeanors to felony charges. Our firm represents clients in Portland, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Clackamas, and in some cases throughout the state of Oregon. We provides a personalized approach to successfully help you navigate the criminal justice process. We promise to treat every client with respect and provide the individual attention your case deserves.

Being arrested or accused of a crime can be overwhelming, but our criminal defense attorneys can help you stay out of jail, avoid fines, and keep your record clean. In a criminal case, hiring a defense attorney as early as possible is imperative to helping your case because as soon as you are arrested, and often even before that, the prosecution is already collecting evidence against you. If you are expecting charges to be filed, we may be able to negotiate on your behalf with law enforcement officials. If you have already been charged with a crime, we will appear at arraignments, do our best to help get you out of jail, and carefully evaluate your case to ensure your rights are protected.

Richard McBreen specializes in representing criminal defendants in a wide range of felony, misdemeanor, and violation level criminal charges in state or federal court, including: DUII, driving while suspended, drug crimes, burglary, assault, robbery, other Measure 11 offenses, alleged violations of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act, ID theft, sex crimes, probation violations, parole violations, administrative license hearings, computer crimes, white collar crimes, and traffic crimes.

All criminal cases are unique, but no matter what charges you are facing, you need a skilled attorney in your corner that will aggressively fight your case, while keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire process. Contact our firm right away for a free consultation at 503-384-2420.

Steps in the Defense Process

Pre-charge and arraignment: If you have been charged with a crime, or if you think a charge may be pending, hiring a criminal defense attorney as early as possible is critical because the prosecution is already gathering evidence and building its case against you. Our firm negotiates with law enforcement on your behalf in order to protect your rights and help keep you from being arrested or going to jail. In some cases, we have successfully persuaded law enforcement or the District Attorney’s office to never make an arrest or file charges at all. If charges have already been filed, we will appear at arraignments on your behalf and help get you out of jail, even if you do not have the funds for bail. Our firm carefully evaluates each case to ensure your rights are protected at all stages of the criminal process.

Plea bargaining and trial: Our firm begins preparing your case for trial the moment you hire us. Though not all cases will go to trial, this aggressive approach has led to the dismissal of many felony and misdemeanor charges brought against our clients. When appropriate, we will also attempt to negotiate with law enforcement officials and District Attorneys to resolve your case favorably with a plea bargain. Ultimately, it is every client’s decision about whether to take a case to trial or to accept a plea bargain, but we will spend time with you to properly evaluate the risks and consequences of each decision that is made throughout your case. Our firm promises to aggressively protect your rights and to prepare the best possible defense to each and every case.

Post-trial and appeals: Sentencing can sometimes be the most complicated aspect of a criminal case, and our skilled criminal defense attorneys will use the facts of your case and your individual circumstances to achieve the best possible result if you are facing jail or prison time, fines, or other consequences such as a driver’s or hunting license suspension. Additionally, if you have been convicted of a crime, you have the option to appeal the conviction to a higher court. Although the appeals process is significantly different from the initial criminal process, our firm is happy to speak with you about your appeal options.

Cannabis Compliance

Cannabis Compliance / Marijuana Dispensaries

Whether you are seeking to open a brand new marijuana dispensary or looking to maintain or gain compliance with an existing dispensary, the process can be challenging without a knowledgeable attorney. The regulations governing medical marijuana dispensaries are complicated, and the rules are in constant change.

HB 3460 provides the current framework to establish a medical marijuana dispensary. However, with the implementation of Measure 91 and legal recreation marijuana, these rules are subject to change at any time.