What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Every case is different, and we cannot guarantee an outcome in any case, so please contact us to find out how our attorneys can help with your legal needs.

Above and Beyond the Expected Result

“Above and Beyond the Expected Result. I was arrested for a first-time DUII offense and hired Richard’s firm to defend me. Richard became my primary representative as a result of his specialty in criminal defense. I was facing a DUII charge, a reckless driving charge, a one-year driving suspension for failure to submit to a breathalyzer, a $300 citation for driving without headlights, and a $650 citation for failure to submit to a breathalyzer. All the above elements have recently been resolved and the result is simply that I have entered Diversion on the DUII charge. Yes, that’s it. The reckless driving charge was dismissed, the driving suspension proposal was dismissed, the headlights citation was dismissed, and the failure to blow citation was dismissed. Richard was very willing to take my case to trial but I decided to accept the assured outcome of Diversion. Thanks to Richard’s efforts, I continue to be able to drive — a privilege I certainly took for granted until I thought it would be gone. I saved almost $1,000 in citation fees because of his skills. When I consider where I might be without his professional assistance, it’s very clear to me the value of a talented lawyer in this situation. Finally, Richard is a personable and empathetic individual who made me feel comfortable in the midst of an embarrassing situation. I never thought I’d be arrested and in need of counsel. I felt anonymous and ashamed after 12 hours in jail and numerous court proceedings in front of authorities. I’ve been deeply thankful to have a both knowledgeable and understanding attorney in Richard.”

— Criminal Defense Client

I never felt rushed nor pressured

“It took a lot for me to decide to present my case to a lawyer. From the initial meeting Mike Owens was honest, caring, and respectful. He walked me through every step articulately and made great accommodations to work with my schedule. I never felt rushed nor pressured and always felt completely informed of all my options. I found Mr. Owens to be energetic, supportive, sensitive, forthright, dedicated and professional.”

— Employment Client

Fantastic work!

“Fantastic work! Michael Owens did a great job from the start. After having a run in with an area of the law I knew nothing about I turned to Mr. Owens. Throughout the process he was attentive, provided good insights and didn’t ever try to sell me on his services. But, knowing that I was a little over my head I decided to retain him as my attorney. In the end, he saved me a lot of money and sleepless nights. If you are in need of any attorney give Mike a call.”

— Employment Client

Multiple felonies dismissed

“Multiple felonies dismissed! Richard is the fourth lawyer that I’ve had the opportunity to work with, and is by far the best of them all. He was supportive, kind, and a very competent attorney. I was facing multiple felony charges and prison time, and Richard was able to get all the charges dismissed. Throughout my case, I remained confident in his legal abilities, and I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to anyone facing a criminal charge in Oregon.”

— Criminal Defense Client

I felt Mr. Owens was always up front and honest about my case and the legal process. I felt Mr. Owens was very skilled in his knowledge about employment law. I believe Mike has a lot of passion for what he does and when working with him I trusted his judgement and ethics.

— Employment Client

Thanks for being there for me!

“Thanks for being there for me! I was referred to Mike regarding a loss of employment/wrongful discharge issue I was having. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. Mike was very knowledgeable, and always kept me informed of the process AND was very respectful when responding to my (sometimes) what must have seemed like ‘off the wall’ questions/comments. He was very professional and he always made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would recommend Mike for anyone who needs a great attorney.”

— Employment Client

Greatly reduced my stress level

“Greatly reduced my stress level! Mr. McBreen’s firm took my civil disobedience case pro bono, and yet I felt treated as well as a wealthy client paying top dollar for his services. He was quick to answer every question I had, and went the extra mile to explain multiple scenarios that might possibly happen in court. By the time I got there, I was prepared for anything!  . . .  If you’re arrested, this is THE guy to call!”

—  Criminal Defense Client